Wedding cake trends in 2023

Have your cake and eat it Baby!

Here are our predictions for wedding cake trends in 2023:

Unique cake designs: Couples are increasingly opting for unique and personalized cake designs that reflect their personalities and style. Expect to see more cakes with intricate designs, bold colors, and unconventional shapes.


Non-traditional flavors: Traditional flavors like vanilla and chocolate will always be popular, but expect to see more non-traditional flavors like matcha, lavender, and passion fruit.

Healthier options: As more people adopt healthier lifestyles, expect to see more wedding cakes that are gluten-free, dairy-free, or vegan.

Sustainability: As sustainability becomes more important to couples, expect to see more wedding cakes made with locally sourced, organic ingredients.

Interactive elements: Interactive cake elements, like dessert bars or edible decorations, are becoming more popular as couples look for ways to make their wedding more engaging and memorable.

Minimalism: Minimalist wedding cakes with clean lines and simple designs are growing in popularity, as couples seek to emphasize the beauty of the cake's ingredients and flavors.

Overall, expect to see more creative and personalized wedding cake designs that reflect the couple's personalities and values.