Fun Facts

What services do you offer?

Labolaland is a place where dream weddings find their wings. For a comprehensive list of all the ways, we can make your wedding planning process exciting, stress-free and photobook-ready, click here.

But I'm getting married soon...

We’ve been known to pull together weddings in as little as two weeks. Get in touch to see if we can help - we know how these things go!

I've left and inquiry on your website, when will you get back to me?

We will do our best to answer your message within 48 hours on weekdays. We believe in getting your quote to you as soon as possible, but we’re human too and so our bestest is the best we can do.
A gentle reminder is appreciated if you are feeling unloved.

What can I expect when you reply to my message?

We will ask you for any inspiration you’ve gathered so far and give you a questionnaire to fill out so that we can get to know you better. The questionnaire gives us more information about you, your partner and wedding - please feel free to fill out as much as you can based on where you’re at in your wedding planning journey.

What is included in my quote?

We like to provide detailed information so that you can see exactly how your wedding budget is allocated. Your quote is itemized according to your wedding - and like items are listed together.
For example, all the items or services needed for your wedding ceremony will be listed in one category. Traditionally, quotes can be quite intimidating. We want you to feel in control and excited about your services, so feel free to print out your quote and scribble, scribble, scribble. Your quote is sent via email, and we will call or email you to let you know when it has arrived in your inbox. From time to time, a quote may include price estimates or line items that have not been quoted for yet where products or services are sourced from sister companies.

Does my quote expire?

Your quote is valid for 5 days only. Please get in touch if you want to seal the deal after those 5 days, we will triple check that everyone and everything is still available for you - in which case we can proceed with your booking.


What happens after I receive my quote?

Once you’ve got an idea of our services and pricing, and we’re sure you will like what you see, we’d love to meet at our showroom in Kloof (or online if you’re not local) to discuss your wedding in more detail. We will go over your questionnaire and quotation to iron out any questions. If we’re on the same page, and you think you’ve found your dream team, it’s time to say I DO. We like to quote as accurately as possible so that you can plan ahead, but quotes are subject to change - just like wed- ding plans do.. and we strive to be as flexible as your Pinterest boards..


What happens after we meet?

We will get your quote to you within a week, if you would like to seal the deal then you are required to pay a deposit to reserve your booking (as well as to sign our contract). All stock and staff will be locked in for your date(s) and then the fun begins!


What is the security deposit for?

This is also known as a breakages deposit. The amount is displayed at the bottom of your order and

is payable with the rest of your order. This slush fund is used to cover any repairs or replacements to our stock in the event of any damages or losses. If there are no charges incurred then the full amount is paid back to you within 2 weeks of the safe return of all our decor bits. If we do have any losses or damages, we communicate these costs to you before deducting them from your deposit amount so that you have a chance to recover and return missing items. In the event that the damages or replacement charges exceed the security deposit, we will invoice you for the balance.


What happens if my guest totals change?

Things happen, we are happy to accommodate changes within reason. We generally ask for final guest count around one month before your wedding date


I've changed my mind about some of the items on my order, what now?

Wedding planning is a fun and exciting journey and there are so many options to choose from.
We will try our best to accommodate changes within reason. This is, of course, subject to stock levels. In the event that there are any price increases, this will be communicated to you.


I don't want a table and flower mock up. Can this be excluded from my quote?

This is a Labola custom to ensure that you are happy with and excited about your floral arrangements and table decor. We don’t encourage brides to sign-off on table decor or floral arrangements without seeing a mockup. Mockups allow you to visualize the end result, or make modifications that you can see, feel and touch. This is the perfect opportunity to grab a bottle of bubbles and celebrate your upcoming nuptials - enjoy it!


How do collections work?

We generally schedule collections or deliveries on a Thursday or Friday for a weekend wedding. This must be between the hours of 8 am and 3 pm. Collections or deliveries must be scheduled (a rough time slot helps) so that we can be ready for you. Please note that delivery does not mean set up. We will offload the decor but you will need to unpack and set it up yourself - unless of course you have booked Labola to do the setup and styling for you.


When can I collect or when will you deliver?

Collections or deliveries are usually done on a Thursday or Friday for a weekend wedding. Please make sure you schedule this with our office.


How do returns work?

Returns are done strictly on a Monday between the hours of 9 am - 3 pm. Please give us an indication of when to expect you. If we are doing the setup for you, we will arrive and leave with any stock which belongs to us on the day of the wedding unless otherwise arranged with your wedding venue.


If I arrange for Labola to collect the items I have rented, will the Labola crew take down and pack up the items too?

Yes, we can, but this comes with an additional charge. Please let us know that you need us to pack up the decor so that we can send our packing fairies, and add this to your order. If you prefer to save some moola then you’re welcome to pack it and have it ready for collection so that we can grab and go. Please make sure you pack it carefully!


What if something is missing or broken?

Breakages - each order includes a security deposit payable upfront. When the stock is returned to us after your wedding, we go through everything carefully and advise you of any damaged or missing items. If you are able to return the missing goods within a week (or before the next rental - whichever is sooner) then we do not charge replacement costs. However, If items are damaged and or not returned then we deduct the replacement cost from your security deposit. The remainder is refunded to you (unless we need you to chip in more).


What are your operational hours?

We work from home (lucky gals) but like to keep business hours due to family demands and! Our hours are Monday to Friday 8 am - 4 pm. We make ourselves available for emergencies or after hours chats where possible - so no worries! For the most part, we schedule meetings or consultations from Monday to Wednesday as we are generally elbows deep in flowers or on site from Wednesday to Saturday.


How soon should I get in touch?

If you are interested in becoming a Labola bride, we recommend that you get in touch ASAP! Popular dates can get booked up over a year in advance and if you are interested in our planning service then the sooner the better. Good things take time, and while we don’t need
to be attached to the hip throughout, we like to be there for you every step of the way.


What is included in Coordination?

On-the-day coordination is designed to give you peace of mind and full enjoyment of your wedding day - no worrying about whether flowers have been delivered or if your DJ has a two-point plug! Coordination kicks in after most of the planning has been done, by you, or your wedding planner, and creates freedom for you, your bridal party, family, and friends to make memories while the last bits are managed by a trusted wedding architect.

Here’s a quick blueprint of our coordination services:

  • Timeline creation - This is done +-10 days before the wedding date and emailed to all service providers ahead of time. We also manage and adjust the timeline accordingly during the course of the wedding day.
  • Unofficial bridesmaid - It is our job to keep you calm, hydrated and loved during the course of the day. We support your bridal party by making sure your needs are met at all times, within reason of course. Snacks, hugs, and laughter are in abundance in Labolaland.
  • Management -  We keep an eye on vendors, setup, and delivery and look out for emergencies and flailing nerves. We will meet vendors and deliveries at the venue, and handle any no-shows. Most importantly, we will make sure that the wedding party is on time and where they need to be when they need to be there.
  • Communication - On the wedding day only, your coordinator becomes the drill sergeant, cheerleader, and peacekeeper communicating with service providers and other important people on your behalf. Your cell phone is for selfies and boomerangs, no last-minute calls for you!
  • Bridal party briefing - We manage expectations and give the bridal party the confidence to fulfill their responsibilities on your wedding day while still having a good time. We brief them on all the nitty-gritty details that may have been overlooked at your champagne brekkie catchup, such as the order in which to walk down the aisle. This is a fun chat on the morning of the wedding while you take a moment to yourself. Does Jane have a habit of snogging the bathroom? Don’t worry, we’ll set boundaries where appropriate - with love of course! We also make sure that the bridal party receives their flowers in pristine condition. If the bridal party is not within 15km of the wedding venue, they will receive their flowers upon arrival at the ceremony venue.
  • Hospitality - Let your cousins and aunties enjoy the celebrations. We will show guests to canapés/pre-reception area after ceremony & reception with a smile. We will also gladly arrange that wedding gifts handed over to a responsible person (as indicated by bride and groom)


What is not included in coordination?

  • On the day coordination is a management service, not a physical service. Coordination tasks require all of our attention, and so we cannot move or set up decor provided by Labola, provided by you or provided by a vendor and we will not take responsibility for any decor and installations. In other words, you must hire our decor team if you need our decor and styling services. We will assist where reasonably possible but cannot be asked to do physical lifting, carting etc. This takes time away from coordination duties.


Are there any coordination T’s and C’s I should be aware of?

  • We cannot be held responsible for nonperformance of service providers, we are there to manage the day to the best of our abilities and within reason.

  • We must receive signed contracts between all service providers, copies of final invoices and proof of payments at least two weeks before the wedding day.

  • We must receive contact details for all service providers and bridal party two weeks before the wedding day.

  • The bridal couple must designate a responsible person for us to liaise with if there are any problems.

What does planning entail?

Planning includes start-to-finish support from a dedicated wedding planner who will be your confidant, your concierge, and your coordinator. All on-the-day coordination services are included with planning, but there’s more:

  • A super chilled consultation to talk through your dream wedding at 1000000000 words per second!

  • We propose your wedding theme and colours or fine-tune what you already have.

  • We help you find a dream team that suit your style and budget.

  • We suggest reputable venues that align with your plans and your pocket.

  • We create the mother of wedding planning documents tailor-made for your wedding day because no wedding is the same.

  • We check your vendor contracts before you sign on the dotted line.

  • We communicate with vendors throughout wedding planning.

  • We arrange and supervise important events like the wedding rehearsal

  • We take care of your floor plans, seating charts and other bits and pieces.

  • If you have booked any additional services with Labola, we will manage that process as well.

Can I see a copy of your contract?

Yes of course! Shoot us a mail and we will gladly send one over.