Lindy Fourie

Founder, Head Coordinator & Chief of Dreams

Lindy puts the LALA in LAboLA. She’s our co-founder and flower queen! Lindy has been married to her husband Graham for nine years, and together they are the parents of two crazy cool kids, Lacey and Grayson. Their Kloof-based family wouldn’t be complete without Ella (Swiss Shepherd) and Moo (rescue). Lindy is sweet, fun and considerate - making her the ideal companion for your dream event. Her proof is in the pudding details and she pushes every creative limit to make your event vision a beautiful reality. If you’re looking for the extra mile - and extra smiles - call Lindy!

Robyn Lea Lubbe

Decorator, Coordinator & Flower Whisperer

Two flower whisperers are better than one! #Workwife to Lindy, Robyn is responsible for the Pinterest-worthy (and panic-free) setup and coordination every bride desires on her wedding day! She has years of experience in the hospitality industry - which is why those on-the-day crazies don’t make her flinch. Robyn wishes that she could be as sassy (and adorable) as her darling daughter, Emily, but settles for being her lucky mamma bear! Robyn is married to Lindy’s older brother, Mally, whom she often recruits to make gorgeous custom decor for our brides. Robyn is a whizz in the kitchen - so ask her all the (menu) things!

Luyanda Gumede

Sidekick to Lindy Fourie & DIY Legend

AKA Lulu... DIY brides love Lulu! She's the woman in charge at the office
-> so send chocolates! Lulu studied a Finance Degree at UCT,she's brainy, quick-witted and full of fun. Lulu tackles every task withenthusiasm and meticulosity... (a smart girl needs smart words to describe her)... When she's not cuddling the Labola babes or playingwith our furry friends, Lulu is out on the town pouting for Instagram.If you're looking for a seamless DIY wedding - Lulu will bring a senseof professionalism and style to the most romantic day of your life.

Taryn Cross

Virtual Assistant & Email Aficionado

Every wedding has it’s boring bits! Instead of crying crocodile tears, we found an angel who absolutely loves this stuff - Taryn! Taryn lovingly responds to every email from our website, and rescues us from tedious admin. When booking with Labola, your contractual and process info is delivered at lightning speed (by Taryn) so that you don’t have to sit with paperwork for days - unless we’re talking origami cranes and tissue paper confetti! Taryn is a boy mom and is often found at a campsite or braai with her hubby, who is a commercial diver!

Shepherd Chaguma

Stock Room Assistant & Labola Muscle

Ask Shepherd - not a day goes by without those words bouncing between the office walls. Shepherd knows every inch of the stock room - so if you need it, he’ll find it! At Labola, our brides don’t do any heavy lifting, not when Shepherd’s around. While he’s the master (and the muscle) when doing wedding preparation,packing, and deliveries, Shepherd’s skills don’t end there. He’s been part of the team for years now, and so he is an absolute natural at flower and venue setup! Shepherd’s behind-the-scenes acumen make our weddings the successful, smooth-running events our couples deserve. When all is said and done, Shepherds’ wife Martha is a lucky girl - the couple have two beautiful children.


Flower Assistant & Labola Matriarch

Sweet Sarafina is part of the furniture at Labola.Sarafina has known and cared for Lindy since she was a little girl - and she must have so many stories! Her presence at Labola was absolutely golden, coming to an end only so she could enjoy the peaceful retirement she is so worthy of. Sarafina pops in from time to time, when we need extra, knowledgeable hands. She is a joy to be around, possessing a maternal happiness that is incredibly comforting. Again, our flower game is strong with this one!

Jodie Rudd

Freelance Coordinator & Creative Whizz

Jodie Rudd is a travel-loving Yogi who gets ish done! She is made from Labola stock, but now works at the beautiful Camp Orchards wedding venue in Hillcrest. If you see her around, enjoy her free-spirit, soothing conversation and love for life. She’s a treasure - but work is work so trust her to take initiative and get creative when she’s part of your dream team. Jodie is our forever friend and we’re delighted every time we collaborate with her. You will be too.

Bodil Walker

Co-Founder & Super Mom

Bodil puts the BO in laBOla. She started the business with Lindy in June 2010. Sadly for Labola, but just as it is meant to be, Bodil now lives in California with her husband and three gorgeous kids. We still keep in touch and are so grateful that Bodil’s energy and enthusiasm for brides and the industry set our wedding business off to a great start. Labola is proof that friendship and business can work, no matter the outcome.